We decided to take the kids on a scavenger hunt at the mall. We were not sure how it would turn out and we have not been at the mall in months. There is a little bit of fun in the unexpected. As the kids rushed away on their quest, we realized we had listed several items close to each other. They had an hour to complete the tasks and we thought they would finish very quickly. To our surprise, it took them an hour to finish. 


Since we can use technology, they were using the phones to record their findings. Watching their videos and photographs was so much fun. In fact, they want to do it again. 

The kids walked in front of us. Everyone laughing. All of a sudden, they all embraced. That was the moment it all came together. The fun, the adventure, the laughter, brothers, sisters, friends …. They were all one happy bunch! 

I snapped a couple of images with my phone. This did not needed to be staged. I just had to let it happen. 



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