This is the first time we go to the beach at night time. We were told we could look and catch crabs. We took flashlights and a bucket and headed to the beach.   

We found lot of the little critters as we walked down the beach. It was pretty fun watching the kids catching them. The little ones were not too happy. They were screening and running away. 

My 13 year old and I got ahead of the group and started catching bigger ones. I was very surprised at the way he was handling his catch. My kid was very fast and between both of us, we filled the bucket rather quickly. 

You can’t keep crabs in a bucket for too long. They will start attacking each other. We headed back to the group and gather everyone around. We even had another family enjoy the fun. My older son opened the bucket and let the crabs out. All the little kids screamed and jumped around (pretty funny). I was not able to take many photographs because it was pitch black, except for our flashlights. I have to say this will be something we will have to do every year. Too much fun not to. 



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