We live in the age of photography. Everyone has a camera. We all post of Facebook, or Instagram, or whatever social media platform we prefer. People are taking millions of photographs per day. Cameras have gotten better, easier, etc. Software too is more accessible to all. But there is one thing missing, and it is printing your work. All those files sit on a hard drive some where, or on a cloud…. Never to be seen again

I took these photos while on vacation with my family. A lot of them were taken with my IPhone. For some I used my Canon M2. All were processed on the iPhone and I used the Print Studio app to print. I made 2×2 magnets and small prints. Good memories!



2 thoughts on “Printing

  1. It has become a problem of modern photography that the picture has become disposable. Many now live experiences though their smartphones taking pictures, however instead of keeping a memory it becomes a rush to upload for the instant gratification of likes and then forget.

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