We have been taking vertical rope climbing lessons for the last 4 weeks. Last Saturday we got to put the lessons to practice. We visited Signal Light Pit in Alabama. 

The pit is located in the town of Jasper. It is behind a neighborhood. I think it’s more dangerous to walk to the pit than rappelling off of it. We had to cross a railroad track (never a good idea and should be avoided whenever possible). The pit is a about 75ft deep. There is a cave at the bottom. We did not explore the cave. 

We rigged 4 ropes around the pit so we could practice 4 very different points. 

I was not able to secure the camera on my rappel so I did not take photos from the bottom of the pit. The view with the sun coming thru was incredible. 

I have to say that I’m not a rapeller or as crazy about the sport as some people are. I do find it challenging and worth doing. I am still thinking whether I should spend the money on the gear. 

Camera: Canon M2 with EFM 22mm 2.0



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