My son asked me that he wanted to do a team sport at the high school. As a result, he asked to stop going to martial art classes. I knew he loved the competition aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but I also understood his request. His older brother plays Lacrosse so I think he wanted to follow in those same steps. 

He was not able to do Lacrosse because the school canceled the feeder team. He started doing track as a result. He was very motivated about it until the school started canceling and rescheduling meets. Two weeks ago, he asked if he could join me and attend class. I told him he was not enrolled, but he could go watch. I also told him that if the instructor invited him to join, then he could practice.  

Let’s just says he was very happy. He was asked to compete last Saturday. He had to make a choice, BJJ or track. He chose BJJ. He got a first place and a third place with older and heavier kids.  He did pretty well. 

He is back to martial arts. He should have never left!

The these are some photographs of the competition:



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