I have lived in GA 16 years and I have not visited all the state parks. We have decided this year we will do our best to visit them. 

Last weekend we visited Cochran Waterfall. It is located very close to Amicalola Falls, about 5 miles east. This is not a well known place. You can camp around the entrance, but it is definitely a wilderness. You can camp there, again, very primitive. You have to take all your waste with you since there are no facilities. 

We had a good walk along the creek. We did run out of trail and had to turn back. We did not find the waterfall (2.5 miles from the parking area). Nevertheless, it was a good walk. We will revisit later this year. 

The tree line where we parked.    

 The creek

Fallen trees



I took this from the parking area. You could camp on the left side. We found coals and fire pits. I did not have my tripod, so I braced the camera on a tree. 

A better view of the creek.   

I don’t understand why people leave garbage behind. 

We had to cross a small creek on the way to the parking area. That was fun! I did get some scratches on the Jeep. 

Camera: Canon EOS M2 with EFM 22mm 2.0 and iPhone 6

All photographs were edited on an iPad Mimi


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