I have always enjoyed picking fruit. We used to do that when we were young. We would pick fruit off trees in fields and from some of our neighbors. This was a long time ago and in a different country. Most people would yell at you, but knew we were kids and allowed us some enjoyment. 

I am not sure why, but fruits you pick taste much better than store bought. It may be because of childhood memories. As a result, I like taking the kids to U-Pick farms. I get to have a good time with them and it brings memories of my childhood. They seem to enjoy the time and I believe we are creating lasting memories of their childhood. I hope they do the same when they have their own children. We had been going to Adams Farm in Fayetteville, Ga almost every year to pick blueberries. I have a photograph of the two youngest similar to the one below. 

Isabel decided it was cooler to stay under the bushes looking for fruit

Lots of blueberries

I am not a fan of raspberries, but these were good. First time picking them. 

Our blackberry and raspberry baskets. 


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