Pretty afternoon at The Marietta Square. We had ice cream from our favorite spot and sat by the fountain to talk. Many people walking around the square. Most were playing Pokemon Go. Some guys even had pack packs full of stuffed Pokemon figures. 

I am guilty of sometimes looking at my phone too much. I have been consumed by social media at times. It is addicting. I read an article on how this trend is even destroying relationships. Some people even justify this game by saying that at least people are going outside “as a family”, but there is no interaction between them, unless they catch a Pokemon. If you think about it, no one is catching anything, it is all in our heads. 

Mobile technology has improved out lives in many ways. This technology has provided millions of jobs and opportunity. It has also robbed us from enjoying the small, important stuff. We are living by the numbers, how many likes we get, how many friends we have… Etc. 

Maybe I’ll just go play Pokemon Go too! 


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