like a long road. Sometimes life feels lie a trip, you have companions, precious cargo, your stuff. Sometimes the weather will change or you will be all alone on the road. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s coming, so you have to be extra careful. Sometimes you have traffic around you or many people going the same direction. Sometimes the road changes, obstacles appear, traffic stops, but you have to keep going. There is also light were we are going. You can’t see the colors on this photograph. We witnessed a beautiful sunset. The sensor did not record the colors, but they were there. It all points to good times ahead. 

You have to keep moving, because life will not stop just because. 

So many life changes I see in this image. It has been a rough summer. Too many wonderful, hard, sad, and proud moments to list. I see part of my life here. The possible storms coming, the tails lights from the cars ahead. The conversation with my son as we drive home. The darkness that can engulf you if not careful. Although I don’t see the destination yet, I know where I’m going and who I’m going with. I have to stay alert. My kids are in the car. I have to drive carefully and safely. They are my precious cargo. 

As we dropped off my older son at college earlier, I drive home with my younger ones. We are happy.  I am happy. Summer is almost over. It is time to get busy living. 



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