From Stacy’s Blog:

Highlighting the creative magic behind post-processed photos

Welcome to ABFriday’s monthly One Photo Focus! This month, 20 photographers are sharing their post-processing interpretations of one “before” image submitted by yours truly.
We begin with my “before” image, followed by the “afters,” and at the end, a gallery of all so you can watch the changes as you scroll through. Be sure to click the links to each participant’s blog as many have written posts “uncovering the magic” behind their “after” images. And if you would like to participate in name of next month’s One Photo Focus, you’ll find all the details on the After-Before Friday Forum page.

I have been wanting to participate in Stacy Fishers’ One Photo Focus for a while. I can finally say I did it. 

The point is to take a basic photograph and add your own editing magic. I say magic because we all have different views on a single photograph. Sometimes we can save an image or at least imagine an image in our head. 

This is the original photograph by Stacy Fisher:

This is my interpretation:

The above photograph was edited entirely on either an iPad or iPhone 6. I wanted to use simple tools. I downloaded the image and opened it in Snapseed. There I did basic editing and cropping. From there I proceed to Photoshop Mix. In this program, I made 12 layers. These were resized and blended differently. From there I returned to Snapseed to add the border. In Photoshop Plus, I played with curves and added the signature. Finally I opened Mixtures to add some grunge texture. 

Have a happy Friday!



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