Last weekend we visited two state parks in North Georgia. We were looking for fall foliage. It has been pretty dry during the last couple of months so I was not expecting much color. 

Saturday we visited and hiked Tallulah Gorge. It is a beautiful canyon located in the north east of the state. It is very close to North Carolina. I had driven through it before, but had never stopped. We were not able to hike the entire Gorge. We only did about 600 of the 1000 steps. Going down to the water is much easier than going back up to the car. 

This is a view from the first observation platform. 

There is a suspension bridge as well:

Sunday we drove to Chattanooga/ Lookout Mountain Sunset Rock

Not many steps, but we hiked 3 miles round trip. After the hike, we had a picnic. 

Finally these  are some of the images of the foliage:

Canon M2 with 32mm and 50mm


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