Have you ever thought about what you eat? I didn’t use to. I would eat whatever and at whatever time. My diet has always consisted of a lot of protein and healthy carbs. Vegetables have not been a large part of my diet and I have learned to eat more salads. I have changed the way I eat to make sure I’m still healthy at 49. That I’m able to be active and still look good. 

During the last year, I have changed my way of life completely. I was feeling slow and had joint pain. I hurt my knee while practicing martial arts. That alone made me rethink my way of life. 

I will not call it a diet change, but a life change. I subscribed to Mark Sisson newsletter http://www.marksdailyapple.com

It helps me get a better understanding of what foods to eat, etc. I stopped drinking milk. Decreased my consumption of simple carbs (bread, white rice, potatoes). Those simple manageable changes have made a huge difference. I have lost 14 lbs, have more energy and can be pretty active. 


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