A little information regarding how I edit my photographs on the IPhone 6S or IPad Pro. 

One important thing to remember, is that you have to start with a good photograph. You must watch the expression or horizon or lighting, and composition. If you do this, the rest will be much easier. 

I have been doing this for a while specially for images I will post on social media. It also does not matter what camera I use. I still go through the same process. 

This is the original image:

Since I was going to show it on Instagram, the only thing I was looking at was Athena’s expressions. 

I opened the file in Snapseed and proceeded it there. 

I added the signature in Photoshop Plus. 

I also decided to remove the leash. I did this using the healing tool in Snapseed. You don’t have as much control as in Photoshop, but for social media, it’s ok. 

This is the final image:

Camera: IPhone 6S


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