I’m a big proponent of DIY. Not only does it saves money, but you get to learn as well. 

My Jeep has been having an electrical issue since December. Basically, something shorted out and my AC and the remote key entry/locks were not working. Lately, after driving it for a while, it would just be dead. Almost as if no power was going into the cabin. The battery was fine. That’s the first thing I checked. 

The issue was within the TIPM or Totally Integrated Power Module. As the name implies, all electrical sensors and components are regulated thru it. These pieces get damaged after a while, just like any other electronics you own. Mine basically faulted at 10 yeas and 155000 miles. I found lots of complaints on the web, but my issue was no where near that of others. 

It took 15 min to replace the TIMP on the Jeep. I was able to find a reman unit for $260. Check http://www.rockauto.com the dealer wanted $1000. 


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