Its not about the Oil

We just returned from vacationing in the North Carolina mountains. As you can imagine, we drove a lot, plus we had a lot of slopes and curves while there. We did not do any off roaring or 4 wheel driving, but it I still puts a strain on the engine.  Yesterday, my youngest son and … Continue reading Its not about the Oil

Oh the River

We love this little river. It is located in North Georgia. It's been raining a lot last week so it was flowing pretty fast. We introduced my other girls to it. Anna's face when she went through the rapids was priceless.  All photos taken with the iPhone 6S. The phone was protected with a lifeproof … Continue reading Oh the River

Let’s Make some Slime

I think every kid is making slime. You can find many YouTube videos in the stuff. Last week, we were out and the girls found the biggest container of Elmer's Glue they could find. You can see both were happy with their find.  I don't even want to think of the mess they would make. 


Today, my daughter and I spent the afternoon hiking. We took the dogs out too. She and I had a wonderful time. My son spent the entire day playing lacrosse and at a camp.  It's pretty amazing how time flies. Spend time with your family, with your kids, with friends.